For Teenage Girls is a podcast about youth. Every week, Bee Hyland, an eighteen year-old writer and podcaster from Washington, D.C., sits down with a woman or woman-aligned person between the ages of thirteen and eighteen and asks them one question: “What do you want to talk about?”

For Teenage Girls exists to amplify the voices of young women, particularly those who are marginalized by society. Women of color, disabled women, and LGBTQ women, particularly younger ones, are often not given a chance by society to speak their minds nor their truths, and For Teenage Girls wants to change that.

It is set to release on all major podcatchers in June, 2018. As of now, it has social media presence on twitter, instagram, and tumblr.

Here's the pitch:

All episodes will be given individual content warnings as needed. Swearing will be kept to a minimum, but not avoided entirely.

It is hosted and produced by Bee Hyland. She writes comedy and makes podcasts, including the audio drama Violet Beach. She is a full-time high-school student and part-time artist, planning to study screenwriting and sociology. She is currently working on stand-up sets and her own mental health. She is a lesbian, a dog person, and a bad sitcom enthusiast. She has a ko-fi, proceeds from which will fund production of the show!